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Vertex Track Chain - Blue

Vertex Track Chain - Blue


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The Vertex Blue track racing chain from HKK, Japan.
This chain is black, but appears to shine blue from certain angles; this is a side-effect of the hardening process the chain goes through during production. This thing is super tough!
NJS approved for use in Japanese pro keirin track racing!
This is a 1/8 size chain, standard track bike type.
Beautifully finished, super-tough race chain, with small NJS stamps on the chain links.
This chain uses a bolt/nut quick-link system, like all NJS certified chains. You can instead choose to cut and install it with a chain cutter, though.
The Vertex Blue chain from HKK is the highest selling chain amongst Keirin pro track riders.
The HKK blue, gold, and silver chains are all essentially the same, apart from the colour finish and price.

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