2023 UCI Nations Cup Jakarta - What you missed!

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After quite the eventful weekend with the Van Den Eynde Classic at Bromont's velodrome now done & dusted, the season can seem to slow down in indoor amateur velodromes. However, the professional on the international level were just starting theirs in Jakarta, Indonesia, between February 17 & 19th.



Many great performances were on display, as everyone is working on results that will help their qualifications and spots available per country towards the 2024 Paris Olympics. Some upsets also surprised everyone and made for some chatters on the race announcing. Here is a rundown of the stuff you might have missed:

***(Spoiler Alert!)***

Canadian athletes performances

In each of the category, here are all the Canadian results:


  • MEN: 18th Place - Mathias Guillemette


  • MEN: DNF - Micheal Foley/Matthias Guillemette
  • WOMEN: 13th Place - Arianne Bonhomme/Lily Plante


  • MEN: 10th PlaceMathias Guillemette
  • WOMEN: 18th Place - Devaney Collier


  • MEN: 21st Place - Tyler Rorke (Flying 200m: 9.809s)
  • MEN: 27th Place  - Nick Wammes (Flying 200m: 9.884s)
  • MEN: 32nd Place  - James Hedgcock (Flying 200m: 9.935s)
  • WOMEN: 10th place - Laurianne Genest (Flying 200m: 10.716s)
  • WOMEN: 22nd place - Kelsey Mitchell (Flying 200m: 11.051s)


  • MEN: 30th Place - James Hedgcock
  • MEN: 32th Place - Nick Wammes
  • MEN: 44th Place - Ryan Dodyk
  • WOMEN: 13th Place (tie) - Laurianne Genest
  • WOMEN: 13th Place (tie) - Kelsey Mitchell

Team Pursuit:

  • MEN: 7th place (4000m // 3:54.870) - Foley, Guillemette, Bibic & Richardson
  • WOMEN: 7th place (4000m // 4:23.457) - Collier, Attwell, Bonhomme & West

Team Sprint:

  • MEN: 9th Place (750m // 44.182s) - Dodyk, Hedgcok & Rorke
  • WOMEN: 10th Place (750m // 48.531s) - Boyle, Genest & Orban

Upset #1 - Punctures in the Men Team Sprint finals for Gold

The table was set for an incredibly fast Team Sprint race for Gold, opposing the European Champions from the Netherlands, versus the World Champions from Australia. With the Dutch leading it in the first lap, Hoogland suffered a punture in the second lap and was forced to lift off the pedal and climb the bank to slow down. We can for sure expect a revenge from the Dutch team in the next rounds of the Track Nations Cup.

Upset #2 - Eiya Hashimoto sneaking into the Elimination race finish

The biggest highlight of the Men's elimination race was in the form of the end of the race, where after a very active Japanese team all race, the last 3 racers were Jules Hesters (Belgium), Yoeri Havik (Netherlands) & Eiya Hashimoto (Japan) had to battle for the last 2 sprints to avoid elimination. While it is not allowed to pass someone from the right, Hashimoto took opportunity of the open spot on the black lane left by Havik to box him out of the sprint line. Havik protested, but the move was deemed allowed. Hashimoto then used his professional Japanese Keirin speed to power around Hesters to victory.

Here is the replay of the Elimination finish: 

Upset #3 - Canadian teammates Michael Foley and Mathias Guillemette Madison race, marred with crashes

In a hectic 200 laps Madison, the Canadian team hopes went down to a crash during one of the passes between Michael Foley and Matthias Guillemette at 120 laps to go. Since it is possible to repair and reinstate the race, a shook and beat Foley rejoined the race about 17 laps later. However, with 62 laps to go, bad luck struck again with a second crash, leading to the team retreating from the race. We hope that Michael Foley will heal soon and come back fighting in Cairo for the next event!


What's next?

Next Race will start at the Cairo International Velodrome in Egypt on March 14th. After this second event of the UCI Tissot Track Nations Cup, the best track cyclists in the world will be in Canada at the Mattamy National Cycling Center in Milton Canada, for the 3rd round of the Nations Cup, starting April 20th. You will not want to miss it!

Fun Fact:

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Highlights (extended cut):

Full replays

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